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We are dedicated to helping people who have been injured because of someone else’s mistake or negligence. Our New York personal injury attorneys regularly handle cases of all types where someone has been injured. These include construction accidents, scaffold and ladder accidents, car accidents, train accidents, injuries sustained as the result of a defective product or defective machine, lead poisoning and slips and falls. If you have been injured in any way as a result of someone else’s negligence, please contact us now. Our New York personal injury attorneys have been successfully helping our clients for over fifty years to get the money and help they deserve.

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Federal agencies set safety standards for pilot conduct, flight operations, and aircraft manufacturers. Because of these safety standards, air travel is generally a safe means of transportation. However, when accidents do occur, they often result in death. The most common causes of airplane accidents include:

* pilot error;
* faulty equipment;
* violating Federal Aviation Administration regulations;
* structural or design problems;
* flight Service Station employees not performing their jobs well;
* federal Air Traffic Controllers mistakes; or
* someone's failure to choose the correct aircraft.
Figuring out who is responsible for airplane accidents can make these cases very complicated. Possible guilty parties may include negligent owners or operators of the plane, or the plane's manufacturer. Maybe the pilot or the crew of the airplane, or the air traffic controllers did not do their jobs correctly. We can help you find out who is responsible for the injury. You or a loved one may be entitled to compensation for:
* punitive damages;
* past and future medical expenses;
* emotional distress; and
* lost wages or lost earning capacity.

Millions of people ride public transportation in our city every day, trusting the transit authority to get them where they need to go safely. But when accidents happen and passengers or pedestrians are injured, injury victims must get the care and financial coverage they need to recover. We represent injury victims who have suffered accidents on a bus, subway or rail line in New York City and other areas of New York.
Injuries sustained in a subway or bus accident may be caused by:
* bus accidents ;
* slip and fall inside the bus or subway;
* tired operators;
* platform accidents;
* broken subway stairs or tunnels;
* inappropriate bus drop-offs;
* pothole at a bus stop;
* getting crushed or caught in the subway doors;
* subway fires;
* being dragged by a subway or bus;
* sudden stops on a subway or bus leading to injury;
* robbery or assault on a bus or subway;
* defective turnstiles;
* subways or busses that are not well-maintained; or
faulty equipment.
We also represent individuals in pedestrian injury claims when they have been hit by a bus or subway.
If you have been injured in an accident on a New York City bus or subway, you must file your notice of claim within ninety days of the subway or bus accident , otherwise your claim may be thrown out. Our Personal Injury Attorneys will act quickly to determine who is at fault and take every step necessary so that the liable parties are held responsible for your care, coverage, and compensation.


If you have been injured in an automobile accident, we can help. For over fifty years, we have represented victims of car, motorcycle, bus, taxi and other vehicle accidents. Our firm won the highest verdict in the United States for the death of a passenger in a car. If you have been injured as a passenger, driver or hit by a motor vehicle while walking, we can help you. Our firm’s attorneys and staff will take care of everything you need to collect payment for medical expenses, property damage and your personal injuries. We handle all the paperwork with the insurance companies, your doctors and take care of your No-Fault benefits. If you have an automobile case, we will start a lawsuit to get you the money you deserve and handle all of your legal needs after the accident.
Let us investigate to your accident. We can help you to determine whether or not you have a case and advise you on your options. If you can’t come to us, one of our New York car accident attorneys will come to your home or visit you at the hospital. Call Us. We can help.


Cruise ship lines have a responsibility to make sure that there are no dangerous conditions that could injure passengers. However, despite safety precautions, people can be seriously injured on cruise ships. For example: passengers can become ill if the ship is unsanitary or suffer a personal injury because of bad security and safety. Examples of cruise ship cases include:

* assault by crew members or other passengers;
* food poisoning;
* sexual battery;
* slip and falls;
* trip and falls; and
* injuries on outings.
Cruise Ship owners can be held legally responsible for negligence on a ship, like when a passenger gets hurt because of:

* bad ship maintenance;
* poorly-trained staff;
* old or broken equipment; or
* insufficient safety equipment.
Cruise ship owners can also be held liable for cruise ship accidents that are caused by insufficient safety equipment or emergency precautions. Victims of accidents on cruise ships may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Make sure that you read your ticket carefully for rules regarding potential lawsuit time constraints.

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